SQL Saturday May 2016, Jacksonville, FL

Hey, Everyone… our annual get-together of SQL professionals is happening on May 7th, at UNF, here in Jacksonville.  I will be speaking at 9 AM on breaking into the world of Azure & PowerBI, using (mostly) the skills you likely already have in SSMS.  From 9 to 5 PM it is one of your very best opportunities to learn a lot of new things, develop professionally, meet new people, enjoy a free lunch and…have a great time!

SQL Saturday, Jacksonville 2016

Come to this FREE learning opportunity!
Come to this FREE learning opportunity!

SQL Saturday Jacksonville, May 10, 2014

sqlsat298_webHey, everyone! There’s a great event here in Jacksonville, Florida. It’s coming in May. It is like a mini Tech-ed. Free Food. Great Technical presentations.  Click the picture to the right to register!

Lots of networking. Fellowship. Swag. After hours party. What could be better than that? I will be speaking on a “How SQL 2012 Empowers BI in Sharepoint”.

MSDB db too big?

Microsoft provides “sp_delete_backuphistory ‘6/1/2011’“.   However, this can take a very long time unless you also add indexes to the backup table.  This is what did the trick for me:

Create Nonclustered index idx_backupset_finishdate ON backupset (backup_finish_date) INCLUDE (backup_set_id, media_set_id)

What was taking 20 minutes now takes 1 minute.