Tabular logging of Users is not like Multidimensional!

A few days ago, I wanted to start tracking on who was using my Tabular solutions. (If you wandered into this post… I’m talking about Microsoft’s SQL server Analysis Services.) With Multidimensional you have a table, that given the right circumstances, Look here: “SSAS not logging?” will track users of your Multidimensional solutions (think “cubes”…that’s what we used to call them). Well, Tabular has all the administrative set up as does Multidimensional… meaning right click on the tabular instance inside SSMS, and you’ll be given options wherein you could set up logging of users touching your Tabular solutions. WOW! GREAT! Just what i wanted…and just what i expected.

BUT! It didn’t work! And, it won’t work! Why? Because the Logging on Multidimensional models was originally conceived for the purpose of an optimization wizard…wherein, user queries would help guide what should be pre-aggregated. Well, Tabular, using Vertipaq doesn’t do any pre-aggregation. So, they have disabled that logging function. Yes, you CAN set it up. And yes, the table does get built in wherever you designate…but, NO it never gets filled in with details of users’ usage. Go figure!

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