SSAS not logging?

So you’ve followed all the advice and set up logging so that you can know who is using your cubes.  Things are good.  One day you wake up and see that your logs no longer are logging.  You open your cube yourself and browse.  Then you re-check your logs…no entries.  You KNOW the cube is working.  You KNEW the log WAS logging.  Why not now?  You verify that the four main settings of the SSAS server are correct:

1. Log \ QueryLog \ CreateQueryLogTable
2. Log \ QueryLog \ QueryLogConnectionString
3. Log \ QueryLog \ QueryLogSampling
4. Log \ QueryLog \ QuryLogTableName

What to do, what to do?

1. Set the sampling rate (see #3 above) to 0 & Press “OK” button.
2. Re-open the Server Properties & set the sampling rate back to “1”; Press the “OK” button.

This worked for me. Immediately thereafter the log started receiving log records.
I hope this works for you!

PS. I am running SQL 2008R2 Standard on Windows 2008 R2 Enterprise.

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