Tools to help you when developing SSAS cubes

There are a number of available tools that are free and useful whenSSASproperties developing SSAS cubes.  The most important is a very simple one that merely needs to be turned on. That’s right.  Turned on.   SSAS allows you turn on an internal process that will log a good bit of useful data on things to do with your cubes.  You need to turn it on.  First, as in the picture, right-click your SSAS server in the Object Explorer.  Choose ‘Properties’.   After doing so a window will open, including the values seen in second picture below…  For example, the values in the query log connection string for my machine are: “Provider=SQLNCLI10.1;Data Source=.;Integrated Security=SSPI;Initial Catalog=msdb“.

QueryLog ValuesThe QueryLog sampling is set for 1…that means I’m going to capture information from every query to the OLAP server.  OK, so don’t do this on a production server!  But on your own development box…there’s no harm and you’ll learn a lot.  You’ll be able to track who uses your cube.  Perhaps that’s mostly you.  But, still, you’ll begin to gain a sense that you know what’s happening with your cube…and that’s important!

Below, you’ll find code to make use of the data in the table…

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