Performance counter types

Learning about Performance Counters

How do you interpret the value you get back for any particular performance counter?

Here’s a way to look at performance counter at the server level, which is easier to comprehend, by labeling their “cntr_type”


select object_Name, counter_Name, Instance_name, cntr_value,

case cntr_type

when 537003264 then ‘BASE_divide by’

when 1073874176 then ‘BASE_divide by’

when 1073939712 then ‘BASE divide into’

when 65792 then ‘PointInTime’

when 65536 then ‘PointInTime’

when 272696576 then ‘PerSec cumulative get comp’

else convert(varchar(200),cntr_type) end as Cntr_Type

from sys.dm_os_performance_counters

where object_name <> ‘MSSQL$I1A:Databases’ and

object_name <> ‘MSSQL$I1A:Broker Activation’ and

object_name not like ‘MSSQL$I1A:catalog metadata%’ or

(object_name like ‘MSSQL$I1A:Catalog Metadata%’ and instance_name = ‘_Total’) or

(object_name like ‘MSSQL$I1A:Broker Activation%’ and cntr_value <> 0)

order by object_name, cntr_type

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