Steve is presenting at PASS Data Community SUMMIT!

Steve is presenting under the title, “Machine Learning: Prediction of Severe Car Crashes“.

The summary: “Take a dip into Machine Learning! Watch a fast-moving demonstration of a python-driven set of visuals leading to the prediction of whether a vehicle is likely to have a crash or not. XGBoost is the model of choice…2 years of Florida accidents is the data to be modeled.”

Even if what I am presenting is not of great interest to you…there’s probably one of the over 200 sessions from which you would profit by attending… Take advantage of the free training!

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WordPress is an award-winning web software, used by millions of webmasters worldwide for building their website or blog. SiteGround is proud to host this particular WordPress installation and provide users with multiple resources to facilitate the management of their WP websites:

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Import tab delimited data files directly into SQL Server via SSMS

Recently, I wanted to bring data into a SQL Server table, and I wanted to do so w/o SSIS. I know that I had done this before, but, of course, I had forgotten the details. I found the best answer here:

The solution requires putting a “Schema.ini” file in the same directory as the file you are attempting to upload, and the file HAS TO BE NAMED “schema.ini” (case insensitive). The contents of the simple text file should be as follows:

Continue reading “Import tab delimited data files directly into SQL Server via SSMS”

Using SQL to read from a web service

Recently, I needed to find correct addresses for physical locations that I had only latitude and longitude.   The general process to do this follows:

script to PROVE OUT the process for generating good addresses from JEA bad addresses thru the provided lat/long
(assumes, hopes the lat/long are good)
1. TMP table: Create a table of the addresses, lat and long
2. XY PROJECTION: create CTE using function on each row of tmp table to fill in XY projection
3. XY PROJECTION–>URL: create CTE with URL w/XY
4. CALL FOR RE: Using prior CTE… create CTE using function on each row to fill in new (correct) RE Continue reading “Using SQL to read from a web service”

SQL Saturday May 2016, Jacksonville, FL

Hey, Everyone… our annual get-together of SQL professionals is happening on May 7th, at UNF, here in Jacksonville.  I will be speaking at 9 AM on breaking into the world of Azure & PowerBI, using (mostly) the skills you likely already have in SSMS.  From 9 to 5 PM it is one of your very best opportunities to learn a lot of new things, develop professionally, meet new people, enjoy a free lunch and…have a great time!

SQL Saturday, Jacksonville 2016

Come to this FREE learning opportunity!
Come to this FREE learning opportunity!


Now I am developing a PowerBI demo. Here’s my first look:

[iframe src=”″ width=”100%” height=”500″]

This is based on Duval County Florida real estate parcels.

Importing (old) SSIS packages into VS 2012

SQL 2012 introduced a new deployment model.  Many of us, for various reasons didn’t move along with Microsoft…and continued to use and deploy the old SSIS Packages (.dtsx) … even to SQL 2012.  So, that being the case, how do you get to these old packages?

VS 2012 is looking for “Project Deployment Files”…or for “Integration Services” catalogs.  We didn’t have those things before 2012.  And, we can operate without them, still.  But, how? Continue reading “Importing (old) SSIS packages into VS 2012”

Government Transparency Powered by SharePoint 2013 and Sql 2012

sql Saturday #391
Click me to register

Hey, everyone! There’s a great event here in Jacksonville, Florida. It’s coming in May.  Saturday, 9 May, to be specific.  It is like a mini Tech-ed. Free Food. Great Technical presentations.  Click the picture to the right to register!

Lots of networking. Fellowship. Swag. After hours party. What could be better than that? I will be speaking on a “Government Transparency Powered by SharePoint 2013 and Sql 2012”.