Using SQL to read from a web service

Recently, I needed to find correct addresses for physical locations that I had only latitude and longitude.   The general process to do this follows:

script to PROVE OUT the process for generating good addresses from JEA bad addresses thru the provided lat/long
(assumes, hopes the lat/long are good)
1. TMP table: Create a table of the addresses, lat and long
2. XY PROJECTION: create CTE using function on each row of tmp table to fill in XY projection
3. XY PROJECTION–>URL: create CTE with URL w/XY
4. CALL FOR RE: Using prior CTE… create CTE using function on each row to fill in new (correct) RE
Here’s the code for step 2… (below that code you’ll find code for step 3…then a script to show how to tie the two together…

Here’s the code for step 3…
Lastly, tie them together:

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