New 2008 r2 Install SSIS “Failed to retrieve data for this request.”

You might also get: “The SQL Server instance specified in SSIS service configuration is not present or is not available. This might occur when there is no default instance of SQL Server on the computer.”  To resolve this…

When installing SQL 2008 r2 SSIS on  Clustered and virtualized servers I got no error message.  However, after installation, when first trying to open the MSDB folder under “Stored Packages” I get the above error messages.  Seems like there’s a small MS bug.  You should log on to the server, and open:  “D:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL
Server\100\DTS\Binn\MsDtsSrvr.ini.xml”.  (Ok, it could be on the “C” drive for you.)  In this file, you’ll find a line like:         <ServerName>.\I2R</ServerName>

Notice the “.” preceeding what is for me my Instance name (‘I2R’).  Replace the “.” with the machine name of your server.  That fixed the issue for me.  In the end the line should look like:  <ServerName>MySSISserver\I2R</ServerName>

(Where “I2R” is an instance name.)

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