Why can’t I see more job history?

I’ve been a DBA for a long time… and it still takes me a minute of thinking before I remember how to see more job history.  Furthermore, it takes a second try before I remember that the “Maximum job history rows per job” is the number of steps * the number of job runs. So, if each job run has 100 steps, and your setting (as below) is “200” for the “Max rows per job”, then you’re only going to see 2 job runs in history. Continue reading “Why can’t I see more job history?”

Reboot–the last resort

Simple, weird problem, long research, short answer.  The other evening, “something strange” happened to one of my clustered (active-active) boxes.  When i arrived in the morning, the linked servers from each of the nodes to the other node was failing with the message: “Unable to complete login process due to delay in login response”. (Microsoft SQL Server, Error: 258)”  Linked servers to and from all other Sql boxes were functioning.  After much research, at the end of the day i had each node rebooted.  Following the reboot process, the linked servers worked again.  Done.